cSploit – Android Network Toolkit (Mobile PenTesting)

cSploit Is The most complete and advanced IT security professional toolkit on Android. This App was actually called dSploit but some reason they had close the project to know read Csploit story The Android OS contingency have a BusyBox full designation with each focus commissioned (not a prejudiced installation). If we do not have busybox already, we can get it here or here (note cSploit does not validate any busybox installer, these are usually dual we found).


Map your internal network
Fingerprint hosts’ handling systems and open ports
Add your possess hosts outward a internal network
Integrated traceroute
Integrated Metasploit horizon RPCd
Search hosts for famous vulnerabilities around integrated Metasploit daemon
Adjust feat settings, launch, and emanate bombard consoles on exploited systems
More coming
Forge TCP/UDP packets
Perform male in a center attacks (MITM) including:
Image, text, and video replacement– reinstate your possess calm on unencrypted web pages
JavaScript injection– supplement your possess javascript to unencrypted web pages.
password sniffing ( with common protocols ratiocination )
Capture pcap network trade files
Real time trade strategy to reinstate images/text/inject into web pages
DNS spoofing to route trade to opposite domain
Break existent connections
Redirect trade to another address
Session Hijacking– listen for unencrypted cookies and counterpart them to take Web session
For More Details Please Visit http://www.csploit.org


After being initially created by evilsocket, I ( tux-mind ) started working on dSploit in summer 2012, i forked it and added the following features:
Vulnerability finder
Exploit finder
MetaSploitFramework integration ( draft )


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